About the Lanyards

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About the Lanyards

Why beer sample lanyards?

During my first trip to Fort George's Festival of Dark Arts* beer tasting event in Astoria, Oregon, I had trouble keeping track of my glass.  There is limited amount of seating at this event, and it was tricky to balance my glass, food, and tokens. I couldn't put the glass in my pocket, and I was a bit terrified at the prospect of stashing the glass in my purse.

When I got home, I started tinkering with a yoke prototype so I could go "hands free" at the next event.  Given the gothic, dark, and macabre atmosphere, leather was the natural choice of materials.

Many iterations later, I've refined a pattern that works well for the Glencairn glass used by the festival. 

The last two years I've worn my lanyard to the event, I've been asked where I got it.  This year I've made a run of the lanyards to sell in advance of the event.

The lanyards are made by hand using leather samples procured at SCRAP PDX. Each lanyard includes a removable strap so your glass can be used with or without a leash. Enjoy!

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* Jenn Likes to Make Things and her beer lanyards are not affiliated with Fort George.